iPod nano - Viewing photos on iPod nano

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Viewing photos on iPod nano

You can view photos on iPod nano individually, or as a slideshow.

Viewing individual photos

Your photos are grouped into albums for easy browsing on iPod nano. If you use iPhoto, you can
also sync Events and Faces, and then view photos this way. When you view individual photos, you
can zoom in or out and move a zoomed photo around to display a particular part of the image.

View photos on iPod nano:


On the Home screen, tap Photos.


Tap an album or other group of photos (flick to see all the albums).


Flick up or down to see thumbnail images of your photos. Tap a thumbnail to view the

full-size image.


Swipe left or right to scroll through all the photos in the album.


Tap a photo to see controls, and tap to return to the thumbnail view.


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Here are ways you can view and manipulate your photos:


Do this

Quickly find a photo in the
thumbnail view

Flick up or down.

View a photo thumbnail at full size Tap the photo thumbnail.

See the next or previous photo in
an album

Tap the photo in the album, swipe left or right across the photo, and then
tap or .

Quickly enlarge or reduce a photo

Double-tap the full size photo to zoom in. Double-tap again to zoom out.
If you use Faces in iPhoto, double-tapping zooms in on the subject’s face.

View a different part of a
zoomed photo

Drag the photo on the screen.

Return to the album thumbnail

Tap .

View the album as a slideshow

Tap a photo in the album, and then tap . If music is playing, it becomes
the slideshow soundtrack.

Pause and resume a slideshow

Tap the screen to pause, then tap to resume.

Change slideshow settings

On the Home screen, tap Settings, and then tap Photos. Tap the settings
you want to change.
You can set the slideshow speed and choose a transition style, shuffle the
photos, and have the slideshow repeat. You can also set the TV signal if
you want to view the slideshow on your TV.


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