iPod nano - Setting your radio region

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Setting your radio region

iPod nano can be used in many countries to receive FM radio signals. It comes with five preset
signal ranges, identified by region: The Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe, and Japan.

Select a radio region:


On the Home screen, tap Settings.


Tap Radio, and then tap Radio Regions.


Tap your region.

A check appears next to the region you select.

Region settings are determined by international radio standards, not by actual geographic region.
If you live in a country not listed in the Radio Regions menu, choose a region that best matches
the radio frequency specifications in your country.


Chapter 6

FM Radio

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iPod nano is intended for the reception of public broadcasts only. Listening to

transmissions that are not intended for the public is illegal in some countries and violators
may be prosecuted. Check and obey the laws and regulations in the areas where you plan
to use iPod nano.

The following table specifies the radio frequency range of each region in the Radio Regions menu,
along with the increments between stations (indicated by a ± sign).

Radio region

Radio frequency specifications


87.5–107.9 MHz/ ± 200 kHz


87.5–108.0 MHz/ ± 100 kHz


87.5–107.9 MHz/ ± 200 kHz


87.5–108.0 MHz/ ± 100 kHz


76.0–90.0 MHz/ ± 100 kHz


Chapter 6

FM Radio