iPod nano - Using Apple earphones

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Using Apple earphones


Permanent hearing loss may occur if the earbuds or headphones are used at high

volume. Use only compatible earbuds or headphones with iPod nano. Turn on the audio
and check the volume before inserting anything in your ear. You can adapt over time to a
higher volume of sound that may sound normal but can be damaging to your hearing. If you
experience ringing in your ears or muffled speech, stop listening and have your hearing checked.
The louder the volume, the less time is required before your hearing could be affected. Hearing
experts suggest that to protect your hearing:

Limit the amount of time you use earbuds or headphones at high volume.


Avoid turning up the volume to block out noisy surroundings.


Turn the volume down if you can’t hear people speaking near you.


For information about setting a maximum volume limit on iPod, see “Setting the maximum
volume limit” on page 24.

The Apple earphones that came with your iPod nano connect to the earphone port on the
bottom of iPod nano. Place the earbuds in your ears as shown.

The earphone
cord is adjustable.

If you have the Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic or the In-Ear Headphones with Remote
and Mic, you can also navigate playlists. For information, see the documentation for those
accessories, or “Using the Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic” on page 48.


Chapter 5

Music and Other Audio

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FM Radio


Listening to FM radio

iPod nano uses the earphone or headphone cord as an antenna, so you must connect earphones
or headphones to iPod nano in order to receive a radio signal.

When you tune to a station that supports RDS (Radio Data System), the song title, artist name,
and station information appear in the display.


Radio frequencies shown in this chapter are for illustration purposes only, and are not

available in all areas.

Listen to the radio:


Connect earphones or headphones to iPod nano, and then tap Radio on the Home screen.


Tap the Now Playing screen to see the radio controls, and then swipe left to see the Live Pause


Here’s what you can do with radio controls:


Do this