iPod nano - Controlling the volume

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Controlling the volume

The volume buttons are on the top of iPod nano. Press Volume Up or Volume Down to adjust the
volume as you listen. The following sections describe other adjustments you can make to limit the
maximum volume and enhance audio quality.

Setting the maximum volume limit

You can set a limit for the maximum volume on iPod nano, and assign a passcode to prevent the
setting from being changed without your knowledge.

Note: Accessories that connect using the dock connector don’t support volume limits.

Set the maximum volume limit for iPod nano:


On the Home screen, tap Settings.


Tap Music, and then tap Volume Limit.

The volume control shows the maximum volume limit.


Drag the slider left to lower the maximum volume limit, or right to raise the limit.

Require a passcode to change the volume limit:


After setting the maximum volume, tap Lock Volume Limit.


In the screen that appears, tap a four-digit passcode.

If you tap a number by mistake, tap

and then tap the number you intended.

You can keep tapping

to erase all numbers and return to the Volume Limit screen without

setting a passcode.


When you’re prompted to reenter the passcode, tap the numbers again.

Remove the volume limit:


On the Home screen, tap Settings.


Tap Music, then tap Volume Limit.


Drag the slider all the way to the right.

If you set a passcode, tap Unlock Volume Limit first, enter your passcode, and then drag the slider.

If you forget the passcode, you can restore iPod nano. See “Updating and restoring iPod
software” on page 56.

Playing songs at the same volume level

The volume of songs and other audio may vary depending on how the audio was recorded or
encoded. The volume level may also vary if you use different earphones or headphones.

You can set iTunes to automatically adjust the volume of songs, so they play at the same relative
volume level. Then you can set iPod nano to use the same iTunes volume settings.


Chapter 5

Music and Other Audio

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Set songs to play at the same volume level:


In iTunes, choose iTunes > Preferences if you’re using a Mac, or choose Edit > Preferences if you’re

using a Windows PC.


Click Playback and select Sound Check, and then click OK.


On the iPod nano Home screen, tap Settings.


Tap Music.



next to Sound Check to turn it on.

If you haven’t turned on Sound Check in iTunes, setting it on iPod nano has no effect.

Using the equalizer

You can use equalizer presets to change the sound on iPod nano to suit a particular music genre
or style. For example, to make rock music sound better, set the equalizer to Rock.

Set the equalizer on iPod nano:


On the Home screen, tap Settings.


Tap Music, and then tap EQ.


Tap an equalizer preset (flick up to see more choices).

If you assigned an equalizer preset to a song in iTunes and the iPod nano equalizer is set
to Off, the song plays using the iTunes setting. For more information, open iTunes and choose
Help > iTunes Help.

Crossfading between songs

You can set iPod nano to fade out at the end of each song and fade in at the beginning of the
song following it.

Turn on crossfading:


From the Home screen, tap Settings.


Tap Music, and then tap

next to Audio Crossfade.