iPod nano - Setting preferences

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Setting preferences

Settings let you change the appearance of the Home screen and set other preferences for
iPod nano. To set preferences, tap the Settings icon on the Home screen.

General settings

Here are the General preferences you can set:

Use this preference

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Adjust the screen brightness. Set a lower brightness to use less
battery power.


Set the background image for the Home screen. Tap a pattern to see
how it looks onscreen, then tap Cancel or Set.

Home Screen

Show or remove icons on the Home screen. Change the Home screen
to display large or small icons.

Date & Time

Set the date, time, and time zone. Change the time display to a 24-hour
clock. Show the clock (instead of Now Playing) on waking. Choose a clock
face (see “Changing the clock face” on page 44).


Turn on VoiceOver and mono audio. Change the screen to white on
black. For information about accessibility features, see “Universal Access
features” on page 49.


Set the language for iPod nano.

Music settings

Music settings let you customize how you listen to and play back music on iPod nano. To see
these settings, tap the Settings icon on the Home screen and then tap Music.

Here are the Music preferences you can set:

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Shake to Shuffle

Turn off or on the ability to give iPod nano a quick shake to skip to a
random song.

Sound Check

Automatically adjust the volume of songs, so they play at the same relative
volume level.

Sleep/Wake Button

Choose whether double-clicking the Sleep/Wake button pauses or plays
the current track, or plays the next track.


Choose an equalizer setting.


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Use this preference

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Volume Limit

Set a maximum volume limit on iPod nano, and assign a passcode to
prevent the setting from being changed without your knowledge.

Audio Crossfade

Automatically fade out at the end and fade in at the beginning of
each song.

Group Compilations

Group together songs from compilations. Compilations are shown as
subcategories under Artists and specific Genres, in Music.

Other settings

You can set preferences for how you view photos, listen to radio, and track workouts in Settings.
For more information, see:



6, “FM Radio,” on page 29.



7, “Fitness,” on page 34.



8, “Photos,” on page 40.

You can reset iPod nano to its default settings without affecting your synced content.

Reset all settings:


From the Home screen, tap Settings.


Flick up, then tap Reset Settings.


Tap Reset, or tap Cancel if you change your mind.


Tap your language, and then tap Done.