iPod nano - VoiceOver

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Set up VoiceOver on iPod nano:


Connect earphones or headphones to iPod nano.


On the Home screen, tap Settings, and then tap General.


Flick up, and then tap Accessibility.


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Tap VoiceOver, then flick up to set any of these options:


Speak Hints: Explains how to interact with the item in the VoiceOver cursor. You may want to
turn this on to help you learn how to use iPod nano, and turn it off later.


Speaking Rate: Increases or decreases the rate of speech for VoiceOver. This does not affect the
speech rate for audiobooks or podcasts.


Language: Sets the language for VoiceOver. It should match the language set for iPod nano.


Tap VoiceOver, and then tap the On/Off switch to turn VoiceOver On.

If this is the first time you turned on VoiceOver on iPod nano, a dialog appears.


Tap OK in the dialog, and then double-tap OK to confirm.

If you can’t see the screen, move your finger until you hear “OK button,” and then double-tap with
one finger.
If you do nothing for 15 seconds, the dialog disappears and VoiceOver turns off.

When VoiceOver is on, you use a different set of gestures to control iPod nano. If you change your
mind and want to turn VoiceOver off, double-tap with two fingers to move the switch to Off. If
you navigate away from the Settings screen, you need to use VoiceOver gestures to return to the
setting and turn it off.

Turn off VoiceOver on iPod nano using VoiceOver gestures:


Swipe right or left with two fingers until you see or hear “Home. Settings.”

If the icons have been rearranged, or if there are more than four Home screens, you may hear
something different.


Slide one finger around the screen until you hear “Settings.”


Double-tap to open Settings.


Slide your finger up or down the screen until you see or hear General, and then double-tap.


Slide your finger up or down the screen until you see or hear “Accessibility,” and then double-tap.


Slide your finger up or down the screen until you see or hear VoiceOver, and then double-tap.


Double-tap when you hear “VoiceOver switch button on.”

You hear “VoiceOver off” to confirm the setting. You can once again use standard gestures to
control iPod nano.


Chapter 10


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VoiceOver gestures

When VoiceOver is turned on, use the following gestures to control iPod nano:


Do This

Read the screen starting at the top

Flick up with two fingers.

Read the screen from the current selection

Flick down with two fingers.

Pause or continue speech when reading dialogs
and other text

Tap the screen with one finger.

Select the item in the VoiceOver cursor

Tap the screen with one finger.

Activate the item in the VoiceOver cursor

Double-tap with one finger.

Scroll left one screen

Swipe right with two fingers.

Scroll right one screen

Swipe left with two fingers.

Scroll up one screen in a list or menu

Flick down with one finger.

Scroll down one screen in a list or menu

Flick up with one finger.

Start or stop the current action

Tap with two fingers.

Increase or decrease the value of a selected control

Flick up with one finger to increase the value, or flick
down with one finger to decrease the value.

Return to the Home screen

Double-tap with one finger and hold.

Mono Audio

Mono Audio combines the sound of the left and right channels into a monaural signal that plays
through both sides of your earphones. This enables users with a hearing impairment in one ear to
hear both channels with the other ear.